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How to Find the Best Home Buying Company in Connecticut?

Do you need to sell your home? Are you struggling to find the right buyer? In 2021, 762,000 homes were sold in the United States. Although that is 7.3% less than the statistics for 2020, it is still an amazing number. 18.2% of such homes were purchased by investors such as home buying companies. So […]

Sell your inherited home fast

Sell your inherited home fast for cash

A lot of people consider a house an asset but let me tell you what, a house can be a very huge liability if not properly taken care of and if not in use. A house is one of those properties that unlike land requires constant maintenance and repair. These very little but consistent billable […]

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Connecticut Seller Closing Costs: Here’s All What You Need to Know

Were you aware that the average selling costs for homesellers fall between 6% to 10% of the property’s sale price? If you’re selling a home in Connecticut, this article is for you. Our top real estate advisors have put together a guide to assist you in familiarizing yourself with closing costs that sellers pay in […]

Sell Your House Facing Foreclosure Fast

Sell Your House Facing Foreclosure Fast

Foreclosure is a very scary thing. If you haven’t been able to make your mortgage payments and your bills have been stacking up, the bank might be threatening to auction your house away to pay for the backlog of debt.  If you can sell your house before the bank auctions at foreclosure rates, you will […]