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How to Sell a Flood Damaged House?

Approximately 15 million homes in the United States are at risk of flooding. Coastal homes are particularly vulnerable to flooding caused by high tides and hurricanes. However, it’s not just coastal homes that may flood. Inland properties also experience flooding, and the damage can be devastating. If you have a home affected by flooding at […]

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How to Sell a House As-Is When it Needs Repairs

Trying to sell a house that needs repairs is a challenge when you do it the traditional way. Sometimes, it may even be impossible. At the very least, you’ll have the hassle of hiring a real estate agent. And more significantly, you’ll have to make expensive repairs to your house before putting it on the […]

Advantages of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House

5 Advantages of Accepting a Cash Offer on a House

If a client is offering to buy your house with cash, you may be wary of selling to them. However, taking cash directly can be incredibly advantageous for several reasons.  1. Less Paperwork and Effort to Close the Sale One significant benefit you’ll enjoy with cash is how quickly it can secure the sale, as […]

Tips to Ensure Your Cash Buyers are Legit

5 Tips to Ensure Your Cash Buyers are Legit

Owning a home is a sign of years of toil and sweat. That’s why it’s such a terrible thing to get robbed of your hard-earned wealth when selling. Scammers are on the loose and are preying on unsuspecting sellers. You need to be vigilant and safeguard yourself and your property.  To shield yourself from loss, […]