Why choose us?

“The tens of thousands of dollars in lost equity that goes to a wholesaler could mean the difference between paying off debts, or having enough money to retire. “

Zee holdings is the go too real estate solutions company for all your sale purposes. we provide our clients with the proper respect, experience, and knowledge in the market therefore giving you access to an easy sale with more than worthwhile compensation. our team has your best interests at heart and believes that you, the seller must profit. we give quick solutions to any real estate problems in order to make the experience of selling your home clear and simple. Our competitive cash offers, and fast and efficient buys are what makes us stand out. We will buy your property in any condition for the top of the line cash offer. Help us help you! If you are looking to sell and need a solution for your property all you have to do is reach out!

Why sell your home to us?

We care that you profit! With us you’ll receive the highest cash offer possible, We buy houses with our own cash money working directly with you so commission is not deducted. Therefore, we are able to maximize your cash and make sure you receive more than fair compensation for your property.

Honesty is our best policy! with zee holdings there are no Hidden Costs! We cut out the middleman and take care of your closing costs. Including attorney fees, title transfer fees, and recording fees. We are transparent from start to finish making sure you aware of what you are going to have in your pocket after closing!

We do all the work for you! Zee holdings believes that selling your house should be a stress-free experience no need to fix it up, make repairs or remove unwanted property. we will buy your property in any condition.

We prioritize your time! our goal is to provide you with the most time efficient way to sell your home. Once you call we take care of everything else doing the proper research to provide you with an over the phone or in person offer with in hours. We believe your time is important and will work around your schedule all you have to do is Pick your own closing date that is convenient for both you and your family and we will do the rest in no time.

No matter the problem we have a solution!

We will buy your house in any condition and provide you with win win solutions no matter the situation.

Zee holdings offers Fast Cash for your property in any predicament!

  • Foreclosure: if you are a homeowner that has fallen behind on their mortgage, we have got your back and will take the stress of your hands all you need to do is reach out.
  • Unfortunate circumstances: Whether you are looking to sell due to Death, Divorce or other difficult circumstances we can make the already hard situation just a little more manageable by taking your home off your hands and out of your head quickly. Why worry about selling your home when we can do all the work for you?
  • Relocation: whether you are moving for a new job opportunity or adventure, we will save you time so you can get on with your future.
  • Property in need of repairs: no need to fix it up! we will buy your home as is, for a top-of-the-line offer.
  • Inherited property: we will take the house as is! no need to worry about emptying the house and getting rid of unwanted property and garbage.

How do we compare to a traditional home sale?

See what the difference is between listing with an agent and selling with Zee Holdings

Selling to Zee Holdings



Traditional home sale


average commissions

Selling process
Average days to close transaction
7-14 days
50 days
Average days to prep and stage home
0 days
10 days
Average number of showings
1 showing (Just Us)
20 showings
Transaction costs
Who Pays Closing Costs?
None – We pay closing costs
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
Inspection & Financing Contingency*
Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through
Estimated Home Ownership and Overlap
Repairs Needed To Sell Home
NONE – We pay for all repairs
Negotiated During Inspection Period