A modern real estate company in Connecticut.

Who we are is simple: we are one of the top real estate solution and investment firms in the Connecticut area. For years, we are known for our fast and efficient home buying process. Our specialty is making you, the client happy and satisfied with the sale of your home. We offer more than any other real estate solutions company or third-party agents can, and provide payment fully in cash! Zee holdings has modernized the home selling process and will provide a solution to all your property related dilemmas in no time. If you are seeking a personalized, honest and transparent experience to sell your home. we will provide you with the attention, knowledge and most importantly money that you deserve. Do not waste your time, reach out to us and we will get you the solution you are looking for!

Honesty is Our Best Policy

At zee holdings, the only experience you will receive is an honest one! We believe in being straightforward and clear with our clients from beginning to end so they feel confident in the selling of their home. We are only satisfied when our clients are happy with every part of the sale of their property. People choose zee holdings because we make homeowners like you feel safe and reassured in the solutions we provide. The best part is all solutions consist of a high all cash offer. Its just that simple.

Straightforward, Fast and Fair Home Buyers

Straightforward fast and fair is our daily moto. After years of specializing in real estate solutions for simple homebuyers we have narrowed down the process to the T. Lucky for you zee holdigs has years of knowledge and experience therefore being able to provide you with any solution needed when selling your home. we have witnesses so many unfortunate incidents in the home selling process and created zee holdings to stop innocent sellers in need from experiencing disappointment. We cut out the third party agents and work with you one on one to provide you with the highest cash offer for your home. The best part is we do all the work for you, no spend any money or time fixing up your property. we take care of it all!

Simple and Fast

Traditionally before one sells their home, thousands of dollars is spent refurbishing, decluttering and
cleaning out the property. Once that is done the process of staging your home and finding a real estate
agent begins. Why waste all that time and money when we are happy to offer you our modernized
experience. With zee holdings we do all the work for you once you have received a full cash payment for
your property! When you sell your home to us the potential burden of selling your home becomes a
breeze. keep the process simple and reach out to us. We will evaluate your home, make an offer and
buy your home in a matter of days. This approach has always worked for all our clients, leaving them
satisfied in their decision to sell.
Keep your money and skip the headaches, zee holdings was created to help. You will thank us later!