What Types of Homes Sell the Fastest?

What Types of Homes Sell the Fastest?

Buying and selling houses can be complicated. It can be smart to think ahead when purchasing because you can choose a style you like that’s popular enough to sell when you need to. If you’re already selling your home, knowing how popular its style is can help you adjust the price and your expectations for how long it takes to sell.

Popular Styles in the United States

Ranch and traditional styles are popular in nearly every state. Traditional is most popular in the southern states while ranch prevails in the midwest. They are pretty equal in popularity.

Ranch Homes

The ranch-style house has been around since the 1930s but only grew in popularity after World War II. Ranch houses are generally one story, but there may be a basement depending on the location. Ranch houses are typically long and have an open layout.

Traditional Homes

Traditional homes draw from elements of other styles like modern and colonial. They will be two-story houses and usually have more distinction between rooms than an open-concept design. This style has very clean rooflines and often incorporates symmetry and asymmetry into the architecture. 

Honorable Mentions

Because each state is so diverse and they all vary in size, it can be hard to nail down which styles are more popular than others. However, contemporary and colonial styles are the most popular after traditional, based on population.


The contemporary style is easily confused with the modern style as they share a few features. Contemporary draws elements from modern and postmodern architecture, which refers to the era in the early to mid-1900s when modern and postmodern originated. Contemporary is a style that originated in the 2000s.


Like most architectural styles, colonial style is a broad term. The name refers to the original style of houses from the first colonies in the United States. There was a revival of the style from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. These houses are usually two or more stories and rectangular without much depth to the walls. Because of the uniform shape, there are often symmetrical windows adorning the outside.

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of a house can be just as important as the style. If the lawn looks nice and the house has a fresh coat of paint, that would be more appealing than a house with peeling paint and an overgrown lawn. It may not matter if your home has the most sought-after style if it’s decrepit, as most people aren’t looking to buy fixer-uppers. 


The location of a house can be an important deciding factor on how fast it gets bought. For example, if a home is perfect and meets every need, but it’s near an interstate where there will be constant noise, it will sell considerably slower.

On the other hand, if a house is in a nice neighborhood near businesses and stores or a good school district, it will sell faster because of the ideal location. The perfect location for one buyer could be the worst location for another. People have different needs. A walkable area would be perfect for someone who doesn’t drive but might be less convenient for someone who needs to commute to work.

The Bottom Line

A wide variety of houses sell well in the United States, but your best bet for a faster sale would be the ranch or traditional styles. If you are on the west coast, you may find that contemporary houses sell best. In New England, colonial houses are the most popular. Aside from the architecture, a home will sell faster if it looks nice and is in a nice area.

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