Selling housr after Divorce

Sell Your Home Fast in a Divorce

If you are in the process of a divorce, it can be messy and time-consuming. You have a whole life to separate, from possessions to living arrangements. There is already so much stress going into a divorce; selling your house should not add to your worry. 

The best way to sell your home fast in a divorce is to sell it to a trusted cash buyer. You’ll be able to get quick cash for your home without having to wait for inspections, make repairs, or worry about getting scammed into a lowball offer. Here are some of the details on selling your house fast with the least amount of hassle. 

Can I Sell My Home During My Divorce? 

Unfortunately, even a friendly divorce can come with many logistical nightmares. When you’ve lived a life together, it’s hard to separate the practical things. If you want to sell your home in the divorce, the process varies on whether both of your names or just your name is on the deed. 

Selling a Home Under Both Names

If both you and your ex-partner’s names are on the deed of your house, the first thing you have to do is come to a legal agreement as to the fate of the property. Because you purchased it together, the decision has to be joint. 

If you’ve both decided that selling the house is the best option outside of court, you won’t have to deal with a division of property ruling. This ruling would complicate the selling process and take the control out of your hands. 

While you will have to wait until the divorce is nearly settled to sell, you should be able to sell it quickly and move on from the home. As long as both parties agree, selling the house shouldn’t be the hard part. 

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Selling a Home Under Your Name

If your house is only listed under your name, you might think that it will be easy to get rid of it quickly, even before the divorce is finalized. This isn’t true. 

The reality is that the court will put a temporary hold on your properties until the divorce is close to finalized. Laws vary per state, but you won’t be able to sell your house until it’s all over. 

However, once the divorce is finalized, you are released from that responsibility. The courts will be sure that everything was dealt with fairly, and your house will be yours to deal with. 

While it’s a bit of a hassle to wait until it’s settled, it will be best for you in the end. You’ll be able to sell your house as quickly as you like without a judge watching over your decisions. 

How To Sell Your Home Fast

There are several ways to sell your home. You can go the traditional route and use a realtor. The benefit of realtors is that a good local realtor knows the market and will be able to give you a good listing price. However, if you’re looking to sell your home quickly, paying a realtor might not be the way to go. 

House flippers, selling your house by owner, and cash buyers are all quicker options than using a realtor. The main downside to these is that each of them depends on a source that could not be trustworthy. If you decide to sell your house on your own or to a private party, you might not get the price you desire out of it. 

How to Sell Your House As-Is After a Divorce 

The best option for selling your house quickly after a divorce is to find a trusted company that buys houses as-is. Instead of paying a realtor fee and waiting months to years for a closing date, you can get an immediate offer and walk away from the house in as little as ten days

The benefits to selling a house to a cash home buying company are multiple. You will be able to: 

  • Avoid cleaning or repairs 
  • Receive a fair offer immediately 
  • Avoid getting a lowball offer from an individual or house flipping company
  • Steer clear of any extra fees, such as realtor commissions or closing costs
  • Walk away with cash in your pocket
  • Be done with the process within days
  • Move on in peace, without an unsold house hanging over your head

A local company that buys houses takes out the middleman entirely. You don’t have to deal with multiple showings, inspections, and the hassle of a potential buyer taking back an offer. Instead, you’ll be able to put your house in someone else’s hands and get cash quickly and easily. 

Final Thoughts

Although you’ll have to wait to sell your house until your divorce is legally finalized, there are ways to sell it quickly without having to worry about realtors, inspections, or showings. You can walk away from your former home with cash in your hand and as little stress as possible. 

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